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About nexa

Our company has its founding roots in 2006, initially establishing itself as a strategic branding agency and successfully steering projects for numerous clients across the globe. 
In 2016, our group underwent a complete make-over, and the nexa global group co. inc. arose to expand its business portfolio and to guide the company into the next era.
Nestled between the west coast mountains of Vancouver, Canada, we take pride in being a safe haven for companies nurturing positivity for future developments.
Our hub of forward-thinking entrepreneurs is driven by fundamental values such as progress, fairness and dedication, and intensely believes in providing a more enriching experience for the modern consumer.

Great ideas attract. nexa’s mission is to magnetize todays opportunities for the consumer and stakeholders supporting dynamic ideas.


Looking for a path forward?

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The bridge between logic AND POTENTIAL.

Matching investors to ideas

The core values of nexa are aimed at fulfilling the needs and wishes of consumers around the globe. Our combined skill-set and determination has led to founding nexa global group co. inc. and to set ourselves apart from the classic startup-culture. 

nexa’s main focus is to establish and conduct business in a fair and fruitful manner for all stakeholders involved. We want to provide investment opportunities in rapidly growing or under-penetrated business segments, and deliver a consistent return on investment.